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The question “What is the meaning of Canadian Life?” is one that this country’s greatest leaders, thinkers and writers have wrestled with since our inception. But as comfortable as that nostalgia can be, those images paint an insufficient piece of the Canadian brand – a brand that is evolving before our eyes as our country grows up and puts a different foot forward for the rest of the world.

The most successful homegrown brands focus not on our differences, not on our un-Americanness, but on the complexity of the Canadian experience.

We believe that everyone should have equal rights and the freedom to pursue their personal needs and interests. Our mission is to create a better future for our clients. As we pursue that mission, we’re guided by our culture and a set of principles that ensure we never forget what we stand for!

Making a Difference

Canadian Vita believes that:

“Each and every person carries their own doctor inside them.”

Find a Cause

Real Solutions

Healthy supplements have been increasingly used as a self healing method over the centuries. We can heal ourselves through various traditional and modern self healing products.

Getting from Nature

Nature has been providing medicines to treat our health and vitality for many thousands of years.

Despite great advances in rational drug design, in which new medicines are synthesized based on knowledge of specific molecular targets, most prescribed medicines used in industrialized countries today still are derived from, or patterned after, natural compounds from plants, animals, and microbes.

Eco-friendly Farming

Nature has provided the foundation, and Ontario encourages us to use environment-friendly farming practices to ensure that the quality of farmlands is maintained for years to come.

In accordance with  the farming requirements, we follow strict guidelines to grow our crops, keeping detailed records of farming practices. Our farmland is monitored annually to ensure that only the approved farming practices are used.

Enjoying Vita

Making small changes in how we think and what we eat has a powerful impact on our health – it is possible to feel great and love the way we look every day.

The idea that we can get all our nutrients from food is fine in theory, but virtually impossible in practice. Natural and organic supplements will cure a chronic condition or drastically improve the quality of our lives and can also be a good safeguard against nutrient shortfalls



Find Out The Benefits


The Fountain of Life


Find Out The Benefits


Canadian Ginseng Original
per box
  • Ginseng Original
  • Place of Origin: Southeastern Ontario, Canada
  • Ginseng Age: Four Years
  • Root Size: 7-12g/piece
  • Moisture: <3%
  • Processing Procedure: 4-cycle quality check
  • Product Weight: 200g (Net) 500g (Gross)
Canadian Ginseng Chunky
per bag
  • Ginseng Chunky
  • Place of Origin: Southeastern Ontario, Canada
  • Ginseng Age: Four Years
  • Root Size: 3-7g/piece
  • Moisture: <3%
  • Processing Procedure: 4-cycle quality check
  • Product Weight: 500g (Net) 500g (Gross)

* Please contact us for our wholesale information.


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  • October 2016

    Accessing to new markets

    Canadian Vita starts providing new access to Premium Asian Markets for Canadian farmers and agricultural producers.

  • August 2016

    New investments

    Canadian Vita starts investments in research on growth cycle and yield of Lingzhi - aka Reishi - medicinal mushrooms.

  • June 2016

    Developing marketing strategy

    The Association also develops strategic marketing directions for the industry as a whole to develop a larger market.

  • January 2016

    Supported by the Ontario Ginseng Growers Association

    The Association supports research into new varieties of ginseng, new production methods and harvesting advances.






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